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Our Story

At Paula McCoy Studios, we create beautifully tailored interiors for our clients. We believe the home is an extension of one’s personality, and therefore no two homes should look and feel the same.​

The studio blends traditional and eclectic design styles - with a modern sensibility - to create inviting and highly personalized interiors. We specialize in high-end residential decorating projects and full gut renovations.

Originally from Chicago, Paula has worked in residential design for the past eight years. She received her Interior Design & Architecture training from Parsons and worked at several notable New York City firms before launching her studio in 2017. Paula began her career in the tech industry - working in operations and e-commerce - before pursuing interior design full-time. Paula discovered her passion for design at a young age, working on fashion design projects, but it wasn’t until she moved to San Francisco after college that she decided to become an interior designer. She credits the city's striking and well-preserved Victorian architecture to her obsession with the interiors of old houses.


Inspired by sourcing trips to Mexico and Turkey, Paula has also cultivated a love for vintage textiles and artisan-made home goods. Paula is continuously inspired by classical architecture, natural materials, and weekly sourcing trips throughout New York City.

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